Why choose light steel home?

So why are more and more homeowners opting for these light  steel dwellings? There are numerous benefits to owning a light steel home, one of the forefront reasons being the cost. Nine times out of ten when someone considers buying a home the very first thought that crosses that person’s mind is money. How much home can I afford? For this reason, light steel buildings are becoming most buyers first choice right up front. Not only are light steel buildings quicker and more convenient to build, but they are also cheaper and easier to maintain.

On average a steel home costs between $30 and $80 per square foot, this is on average 30 percent cheaper than a traditional home. Unlike other homes, steel is most often thought of as a one-time cost. Steel is highly durable even under the most extreme circumstances and rarely need any repairs or maintenance making the cost of keeping a light steel home almost non-existent. This durability is often the second reason homeowners have discovered light steel buildings are among the best options. Steel is impervious to many extreme weather conditions and is designed to survive for decades to come. Many scientists have studied light steel structures and put the buildings to the test, here are some of the safety factors these researchers have discovered:

  • Properly constructed light steel buildings can withstand wind forces of up to 150 miles per hour without incurring any damage to the exterior of the building or the foundation.
  • Steel is uninhabitable by most animals and provides extra protection from household pests, such as termites and rats; and is also moisture resistant safe from mold and mildew.
  • Light Steel buildings can remain standing even in Seismic Zone, the highest classification of Seismic zones meaning areas most prone to seismic waves and shifting ground.
  • The outer steel shell itself is flame retardant and made from 100 percent recycled materials, making it free from hazardous materials and eco-friendly.