1, the surface material of Powerson Panel is alum-zinc metal board ,the content of alum-zinc is over 60g/m2,while the other factory use only zinc metal board. How to distinguish zinc or alum-zinc metal?

     A: you can break the metal board with your hand, the zinc metal board is hard, more brittle and easily get rusty, while alum-zinc metal has a good flexibility and will not get rusty easily.

     B: you can put the two metal boards into salt water for about 3 months, you will find the zinc metal has rusted and paint is peeled.

2, The production line and technology of Powerson Panel is new. Every mold production time is at least 6 months, which ensured the flatness of each piece of Powerson panel on the wall.

Distinction: If there is color difference for a wall, the wall must be not flat.

 3, Powerson Panel use high-pressure foaming, the PU foam connect the metal board tightly, under the high-temperature environment, they will not separate, and the panel surface will not get bulgy.

      The other factory use low-pressure foaming machine, the connection of metal board and PU is not as tight as Powerson Panel, In summer, the metal surface temperature is too high,  so PU and metal board separate easily from each other and the metal surface will get bulgy easily also.