Please avoid fixing the panel inside the cement base.

Please make sure that the  cutting section of the panel should be fixed levelly and enenly.

Make sure that some thing should be padded under the panel when placing.

Make sure that the panel will not sag when they are fixed.

Water notch should be made under the window sill to avoid dirt caused by constant washing.

Notes: after cutting the panel, make sure to wipe off the iron scraps on the cutting section.

When handing the panel, make sure to handle them uprightly so as not to break the panel.

Notes: please keep electrical articles away from the  panel so as not to cause danger.


When you are cutting the panel at the site, put the face down, and rule the straight line to cut it then check the top of powerson panel  to make sure there is no scrap iron.

Keep the panel on the horizontal ground, and keep it away from high temperature and dampness. Please don’t put the ladder directly against the wall of Powerson Panel, or it will be out of shape.

Open the package from the top, don’t drag the panel out from the side.