dwl metal siding


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Installation including transverse installation and perpendicular installation,as the result of the concavo connex rabbet at both
sides,the connection of up-and down andright-and left are installed by dry operation bayonet-type

DWL metal siding could be installed in kinds of wall,the panel Horizontal installed:first the corner connection was done on wall(the

expand bolts fix with wall,or embedded parts welded with wall),then installed Horizontal purlin,the interval of installed purlin

vertical is 1000-1200mm by adjust bolts and corner connections.

dwl metal siding

If the wall not flat, the adjust the distance of bolts, corner connections and purlins to guarantee flat level, the as the DWL metal siding
Horizontal installation type to installed interval keel(including insulation cushion)62mmxl2mmx3000mm,vertical keel fixed by
horizontal purlin and self-tapping screw,the vertical is 400-600mm.DWL metal siding vertical installation opposite, like angle

DWL metal siding have a convex inner upper edge and vertical pass Ion g keel fixed,Usually connected with rivet or self-tapping
screws and keel,such as the panel Horizontal installation,from bottom to up installation.After fix bottom layer panel,then put the
up panel inside by the dry operations. If vertical installation,start from the corner portions,from side to side installation,same as
bayonet connection.

In the cold and Frost region,only use 16mm external insulation can not meet satisfaction of energy saving.Therefore,insulation
should be added within keel after installation light steel keel and wooden keel as design requirement as located energy saving,wall
panel and performance,to make sure insulation thickness by calculation. If choose rock wool insulation material,use the rock wool
bolt fixed,Insulation layer coated with waterproof and breathable membrane, vapor membrane; If using foam insulation use
dill-nail connect type,Brush on the outside of the insulation layer protective agent.

Installation DWL metal siding should use relevant series accessories,such as inner and outer cornel from different angle,connecting
parts of panels, start parts and ending parts,different kinds of anchoring piece etc.Corner parts consists of special parts lalso make
different cornel plate parts.It makes more flexble for designing,also improve installation efficiency and acceleate construction

Construction process mostly dry operation compare with tradition external walt insulation,it is easy to be handled.