Metal carved board
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Metal carved board is also called metal surface embossed insulation decorative board, generally referred to as the metal insulation decorative board. It selects high quality aluminum zinc plated (galvanized) steel sheet, and the surface adopts high weather resistant special coating technology, to press different embossed three-dimensional brick grain, stone grain, wood grain and other patterns by using three-dimensional concave and convex steel roller carved by the current world advanced embossed carving technology; the riffled plate surface forms richer colors through secondary painting. The embossed carved riffled steel sheet increased the strength at the same time, and the surface high weather resistance has the strong durability and self-cleanliness, and do not fade for 15 years; The service life of the steel sheet can be lasted for more than 45 years.


Intermediate core material adopts the rigid environmental polyrethane foaming of high density through flame retardent treatment, and the inside of the polyurethane has a large number of bubbles and they are interconnected with each other; Polyurethane also has a strong binding power with bonding strength greater than their own crack-proof strength, which is complately in accordance with the technical requirements of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering in our country; compared with the current domestic ordinary phlystyrene with thermal conductivity coefficient λ≤0.042W/mk, and glass wool, rock wool with thermal conductivity coefficient λ≤0.050W/mk, the thermal conductivity coefficient is increased by 30%-40%; the polyurethane also has excellent stability, the ability to be resistant to external wal deformation, and is not affected by temperature, humidity, dryness and other adverse factors. When the temperature is below 130 ℃, the normal us can be 30 years; and when below 50 ℃, the service life can be up to 70 years.


The material of the reverse side adopts special aluminum foil(film) of high performance; the aluminum foil has excellent leak-proof, shielding property and thermal reflection function, and has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture resistance, water resistance and fire prevention; the performance can’t be affected under humid environment; it can effectively reflect heat source, and prevent the spread of polyurethane foam, to make it uneasy for aging, so as to guarantee the function of plate insulation effect.


The installation of metal decorative board is very simple, adopting concave and convex plug-in catching groove connection; the stallation on the steel keel and wooden keel can use self-tapping screw to directly fix wing on one side of the decorative board; the smooth cement brick wall surface can adopt air gun nail for direct fix installation. There is no waste and noise produced during the construction, and the product can be reused for many times.