decorative wall panel

Exterior Wall Panel


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Fireproof, waterproof, decorative

DWL wall panel
decorative wall panel
DWL wall panel
DWL wall panel

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DWL panel, the international light-weight walling material, integrates decoration, insulation, energy-efficiency, fire-proof together. Its metal surface can be designed and embossed into all kinds of styles: brick, marble, wood, monochrame etc. and there are more than 100 kinds of color for you to choose from. The core layer is polyrethane foam which is independent airtight foaming structure. It can effectively insulate the heat and sound (Thermal conductivity:0.024W/M.K). The fire-resistant grade has reached to the B1. The back material is Aluminum foil layer, which can reflect the heat back. The three layers of material is formed together by auto machine, and the structure is stable. The installation of DWL panel is very simple and convenient, and the installation cannot be influenced by weather and climate.

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 3800mm or as customers requested





 Package size


 Package quantity

 8 piece/carton 

 Fire protection grade



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Range of application
Energy-saving renovation of the existing building, Public buidling, gymnasium, High-grade apartment,  residential house,  villa, Hotel,  shopping mall, Hospital, school, Energy-saving renovation of the facade, prefab house.

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