metal siding
Exterior Wall Decorative Insulation Metal Siding consist of three layers. Surface Material: 3 coating & baking and embossed metal; Core Material: Fire retardant rigid PU foaming; Bottom Material: Moisture-proof and thermal insulated Aluminum Foil.
metal siding
metal siding


Cost-effective, fast installation

Light weight, dry operation, no pollution, fast construction. For the old building renovation project, no need for grass-roots treatment, direct installation of hanging board, insulation decoration integrated, cost-effective advantage.

Effectively avoid thermal bridges phenomenon

Thermal bridges phenomenon often occurs in the construction of reinforced concrete columns, ring beams, floors, Yang Horn and other sensitive parts, cold bridge not only cause additional heat loss, but also make the outer wall surface moist, frosting, even moldy and dripping water, external wall insulation board can minimize the existence of thermal bridges phenomenon.

Excellent aesthetic and decorative nature

Exterior surface can imitate natural stone, wood grain, brick grain and other decorative effects, to meet the high-grade appearance of decorative requirements.

Extend the lifetime of buildings

Exterior wall insulation metal siding could protect the internal brick wall or concrete. outdoor climate change caused by the wall temperature changes only occurred in the external wall insulation metal siding, so that the internal main wall four seasons temperature changes flat, thermal stress reduce, thus can avoid the main wall cracks, deformation, breakage and other problems, extended buildings lifetime


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