Frequently Asked Questions


How should we slove it when the aluminum foil on DWL wall panel burnt sometimes?

DWL wall panel adopt thermal insulation, moisture-proof aluminum foil protective layer. Polyurethane core material is fireproof, its fire rating is B1. The polyurethane can block its burning even if aluminum foil burnt.

What is MOQ of DWL wall panel?

There is no limit to the design and color we have in stock. There is MOQ for special design and colour. We will reply specificly to the customers according to their requires and then determine MOQ.

Can the trademark be printed on the backface of DWL wall panel?

Yes, it can. The existing panels have printed illustrations.

How can the edge sealing of DWL wall panel ensure waterproof?

DWL wall panel is to use the inside corner part, exposed conrer part and close up part and other aluminum connected closely co-ordinated to ensure product gaps waterproof.

What is fire rating of DWL wall panel? Is there fire rating certificate?

DWL wall panel consists of three parts: the surface is treated with a special high-quality color embossed decorative metal plate; intermediate layer is flame-retardant treated high density polyurethane insulation; bottom is aluminum foil which played a role of insulation and moisture barrier. Fire rating is B1. If the customer needs, we can provide corresponding certificate of fireproof.

DWL wall panel is used for external wall insulation. DWL wall panel can the keel be used not when the external wall is flat?

Wether can the keel be used or not according to the nature of metone.

Some metones which have flat metopes but not for fixed by DWL wall panel must be installed with the keels.

What qulification need to put DWL wall panel in the market?

National Building materials test center test report, etc.

What’s the thickness of the DWL wall panel as exterior wall insulation? What’s the fireproof standard? What’s the density to satify the test need?

Thickness is 16mm to 50mm, fire rating to B1 level, density of 35-45kg/m3.

What’s the life span of DWL metal siding? Do you have basis?

More than 25 years. We use Libang painting with stable performance and anti-corrosion ablility of galvalume sheet. Besides, the Polyurethane is also very stable chemical material, with long life span.

What’s the inside insulation layer material? What’s the thickness? Can we make thickner?

Inside is flame retardant processed high density rigid PU foam thermal insulation broken warmth layer. The total thickness is 16mm; The pu thickness can’t be increase at now. Later we will produce thicker panel, please wait.

The DWL wall panel be used as interior decoration? Do they need in the market? Is that significant?

Yes, DWL wall panel including interior and exterior wall panels. Our product such as light steel villa use DWL wall panel as interior decoration, with good market response. Now we have orders in the workshop. Welcome to visit our factory.

What’s the construction period of DWL panel? How many sqm for one person one day?

8 hours for one worker a day, installing 60 sqm. This data is for your reference, depending on the complexing standard of the project, the datas will change.

How do we maintain the DWL panel during the usement?

  1. Carry the panel vertically since if you carry horizontally, it will broke. And please carry out the panel from the carton from top to bottom.
  2. Cutting the panel from the bottom aluminum zinc paper to galvanized sheet. And please clean up the dust around the cut surface.
  3. Avoid collision scratches and sharp objects during the installation.

Will it produce degumming phenomenon?

Polyurethant form filled, no glue. So it won’t cause degumming problem. The PU is stable      and it won’t fall off.

What’s the denisty and thickness of the steel sheet?

The thickness of steel sheet is 0.3mm,the density is 7850kg/m3.


How do you avoid the inflow of water from window to interior when the DWL wall panel is used in the exterior wall and with extrude window?

We have edge part, with very good structure water proof, avoiding the inflow of water problem. The detailed waterproof way please see: National building standard design atlas 06J908-1” Public buiding energy conservation-intense cold and cold area”

Which brand you use of surface painting?

Libang fluor carbon painting. It also can be customized if the clients need.

DWL wall panel can be in installed into the arc?

Diameter greater than 5m arc can be realized.

What is production process of the DWL wall panel?

Galvalume plate embossing and forming, Polyurethane Foam, Length of cutting

Exteror of the DWL wall panel with a keel can be replaced with wooden keel?

Yes, it can.

Could the pattern of DWL wall panels be customized or to spray any pattern?

We could design the flowers and printed colouring rolls according to the customer’s individual requirements, but requires a relatively large MOQ.

What is edge part of DWL wall panel used for? DWL panel installation requires expansion screw?

Edge part is accessory of DWL wall panel that is used to protect the cut surface of the carved plate. Most DWL wall panels installed using drilling wire fixed, some projects may require expansion bolts.

DWL panel can not be used as ceiling?

Yes, it can

How is the upper and lower seams waterproof of DWL wall panel to deal with?

We use structure stitching part waterproof sheet, additional sealant treatment.

When installing DWL wall panel around the seams how to deal with?

With coonecting part.

About insulation effect, the thickness of the insulation effect of 16mm to achieve the desired effect?

Most cold regions, 16mm can not meet their requirements, so you can add insulation layer before the fixed metal panels, fixed on the wall according to the design and calculation of the appropriate thickness of insulation material selection.

What’s the maximum length of DWL wall panel? If thicker plates, What’s the maximum thickness of the panel?

Length can be produced according to customer needs, the length is too long will increase the handling difficulty and failure rate; thickness is currently not thickened.

Will the aluminum foil of inside of DWL panel fall off after long time?

And a core of aluminum foil between the fixed coonection with chemical glue, under normal circumstances would not fall off. If once off, due to the aluminum foil is fixed at the bottom, the appearance does not affect the product.

How many times you do the painting?

Our painting is three times painting and three times baking. The structure from upper to bottom is : silicone acrylic surface treatment, silicone acrylic surface treatment, precision coating, primary coating , chemical treatment layer, galvanized and aluminized layer, high quality cold rolled plate, galvanized and aluminized layer, chemical treatment layer, primary coating, precision coating.

How to repair the scratch of painting during the usement? Is there infulection after the repair?

It can be repaired by same color painting. It’s more difficult to repair the printing items. It will inflect the appearance but not the usement.

For extrude wall surface, how to do when the air conditioner cross the wall? To punch in advance or punch after the installation?

We suggest punch in advance, we don’t recommend install punch after the installation.

During the installation, what’s the spacing between the horizontal and vertical keel?

The spacing between the vertical keel is 400 to 600mm.

For the exported DWL wall panel, how to you do the Moisture-proof measures?

Normally the panels are put in the container to export. The panels themselves are not

afaid of moisture, don’t need other Moisture-proof measures.

Will the DWL wall panel get aging? Will it produce toxic substance after aging?

The galvlume sheet and PU foam are stable don’t produce toxic substance and get aging very slowly.

How do you make package when exported? How many squarmeters can fit in one 20GP?

The normal size of DWL wall panel is 3800*380*16mm. Each simple packing(10 in one packing) outer size is 3820*430*175mm; Each seawothy packing (10 in one packing) outer size is 3850*430*180mm; The inner size of 20GP is 2250(W)*5800(L)*2300(H)mm; The inner size of 40GP is 2250(W)*11800(L)*2300(H)mm; The inner size of 40HQ is 2250(W)*11800(L)*2560(H)mm;

What are the intallation accessories of DWL wall panel? Do you produce them? Can you offer them together?

The accessories include starting part, connecting part, close up part, inside cornner part, exposed corner part, window part, high strength tapping screw, keel.

How to install provide to used as a substitute of preservative wood?

 DWL wall panel divided into vertical and horizontal installation, since both sides of the panel has a convex notch, up and down or left and right are all dry-plate connection snaps installed. DWL wall panel can be installed on various walls, horizontal installation: install the bracket on the wall corner, (panels can be fixed to the wall by expansion bolts, also can be welded to the embedded parts). Horizontal distance of bracket is 1000mm to 15000mm, then install the transverse purlins, purlins vertival mounting pitch of 1000 to 1200, by adjusting the bolts and fixed angle code. Such as poor wall flatness can adjust the distance by adjusting the angle of the bolt purlins between code and to ensure that the overall flatness. Then press the transversely mounted in the form of DWL wall panel decorative insulation board is installed vertical keel, vertical and horizontal keel through self-tapping purlins fixed, horizontal spacing of 400 vertical keel to 600mm, plates such as vertical mounting angle code, purlins, keel installation method is the opposite.

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