Light steel house contrast with traditional houses

Light steel house contrast with traditional houses

Light steel House
Traditional Cementing House

Heat Preservation

Low thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, saving energy 23%

Hight heat conductivity, normal thermal insulation performace, large energy consumption


The integration of moisture-proof wall construction measures, no blind spots, with one way breath wall paper, make the whole building breathing house

No overall moisture-proodmeasures, permeability is poor

Seismic intensity

The seismic performace is good, linked light steel structure by screws forms a stable box, the  earthquake coolapsed around, up and how won’t occur wll or floor off inferior situation.

Brittle structure, badly destoroyed under seismic load

Fire resistance rating

All interior and exterior wall materials meet the requirements of fire rating


Structure span

Can implement large sspan with low cost, fresh type of structure

High cost for achieving lager span

Construction period

Saving more than half of building time, can live in once coompletion

Building time is long, cold region can’t be constructurcated

Factory prefabricated

Most of frame can be prefabricated in factory

Soldom prefabricated struction


Main frame can be recycled

Can’t be recycled

Low carbon & environment production

Renewable, resources, can be natural degradation, zero-pollution, zero-emission, no dust and noise

Large number of construction waste, dust, noise and not recycled materials

Active area rate

Thin wall make 18% active area rate higher than traditional cement house

Thick wall, low active area


Construction process is factory prefabrication structure assembled, clean and simple, no wet work

Construction process is complicated, need long curing period


Flexible design, housing appearance has a strong artistic and flexibility

Single style, no fresh style

Advantage to the wooden house

Corrosion level is high, services life is long, construction speed is quick, insect prevention, free-maintenance, low cost, high cost-performance

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